The Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) project started in 2014. We are working on:

Standard Development

Working with data publishers and data users to build a standard that can meet their needs. Making technical choices to support classification and re-use of data.


Building tools to support the data standard. To support adoption of the standard we need an ecosystem of tools that help publishers publish and users use the data.


A standard needs open participation and governance, a transparent approach to clearly defining how and what is in the standard. We will be building a governance structure during 2014.

Advocacy & Support

Advocating for standard adoption and implementation. Increasing public awareness of open contracting and the benefits of a data standard.

###What is Open Contracting? Governments around the world spend an estimated US $9.5 trillion every single year through contracts. However, contracting information is often unavailable for public scrutiny. The Open Contracting Partnership is promoting disclosure and participation in public contracting. It covers the whole contracting chain from planning to finalization, including tendering and performance. It includes all contract types, from basic contracts for the procurement of goods to complex extraction contracts. You can find out more about Open Contracting at the Open Contracting Partnership’s website.

###Why a data standard? At the moment, many public bodies are publishing their contract data, or parts of their data. But that data is often incompatible with other similar data, locked away in a custom system/interface. And then there are many bodies who do not publish any data at all.

A data standard has many benefits:

###Who are we? The OCDS project was announced on January 21, 2014 as a collaboration of the Open Contracting Partnership and the World Wide Web Foundation (Web Foundation), supported by a grant from Omidyar Network and the World Bank to deliver a v1.0 of the standard by the end of 2014.

For the Open Contracting Data Standard to be successful, we need to build a diverse and sustainable community. As such all the work of the OCDS project will be open and transparent and we hope you will join us!